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TaiwanRocks: Promoting Rock Climbing and Safety

TaiwanRocks is not only an initiative but also a mission with a deep non-profit nature. Founded with a clear mission, it aims to:

  1. Providing Information:
    We value high quality information, so TaiwanRocks shares climbing data in both English and Chinese. This allows a wide range of people to learn and grow in the world of rock climbing.
  2. Improving Safety:
    Safety is our priority. We aim to raise safety standards in the climbing industry by providing training to both foreign and local climbers. Increasing awareness and skills helps to create a safe and fun environment for all practitioners.
  3. Supporting Initiatives:
    We actively support local climbing related initiatives. Rebolting (replacing old bolts) and the Long Dong Cleanup project are just a few examples of our efforts in supporting local rock climbing.

TaiwanRocks is a bridge between languages, cultures and generations, creating a space for safe, informative and supportive rock climbing in Taiwan. Our mission is to empower and ensure safety for all who aspire to the pinnacle of rock climbing in this beautiful corner of the world.

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